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WHO renames lineages of monkeypox, moving away from geographic links

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The World Well being Group on Friday renamed the 2 branches of the monkeypox virus, shifting away from figuring out them with geographic titles and as a substitute giving them Roman numerals.

To any extent further, the Central African, or Congo Basin, clade can be referred to as Clade I, whereas the West African clade can be Clade II, the WHO stated. Clade I is taken into account to be extra extreme.

Clade II additionally consists of two subclades, the company stated. Clade IIb refers back to the viruses primarily driving the unprecedented world outbreak of monkeypox circumstances proper now.


Some scientists had argued that the viruses behind the present outbreak needs to be recognized as a separate, third clade, however many poxvirus specialists contended that the outbreak pressure was not its personal clade.

Many scientists and public well being officers have known as for renaming the monkeypox virus and an infection as nicely, although the method to do this is extra sophisticated than renaming the branches. The WHO is taking proposals for brand new names for the illness, whereas a distinct group — the Worldwide Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses — is weighing whether or not to alter the title of the virus itself. There are some considerations, nonetheless, that rebranding the virus might disrupt the continuity of the scientific literature.


The perfect practices for naming viruses, their variants, and the illnesses they trigger have developed through the years, and notably because the monkeypox virus was found in 1958. Consultants now keep away from tying pathogens or illnesses to geographic areas by title as a result of it may be stigmatizing and likewise as a result of circumstances typically aren’t restricted to 1 particular space.

With monkeypox specifically, whereas the virus was first found in monkeys, it’s thought that the pure reservoir of the virus could also be a rodent, resulting in complaints that monkeypox is a misnomer.

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